My name is Clayton, and I’m a Systems Administrator with over 10 years of experience. I started this blog as a place to share the interesting and unique stories, ideas, and solutions I come across. As any IT professional can tell you, it’s easy to sometimes forget the exact details of how you solved a particular problem. With this blog, I hope to preserve my thought process and the outcome of these problems, for the benefit of others.

As I write my posts, and as you will see below, I will be refraining from sharing some identifying information. While it wouldn’t be hard at all to figure out everything about me (note the LinkedIn icon at the bottom of this page), I still want to at least try to protect the privacy of any others my posts may involve.

Brief Work History

My first IT position was at a public school district where I supported all software and hardware for roughly 2,400 users (students and staff) across my assigned campuses. Together with the rest of the technical team (about a dozen engineers), we supported roughly 13,000 end-users.

After the school district, I worked a brief stint at a well-known Information Security company that performed penetration testing for over 700 clients with over 27,000 unique web applications. We tested for numerous attack vectors including XSS, CSRF, SQLi, Abuse of Functionality, and much more than I could ever list.

I liked InfoSec but ultimately decided it wasn’t want I really wanted to do, which was be an administrator. So I applied and began working for a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) as a tier 2/3 consultant. We provided all manner of IT services to our clients ranging from help desk support, to major projects and infrastructure management. I also served as a member of the internal management and hiring teams, where I helped to vet new technical applicants and to draft policies that helped to guide the company.

I currently work for Microsoft providing customer facing support for Virtual Machines on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) side of Azure. That means I support customers who create and manage their own VMs within Azure. Which is different from Azure Web Apps (PaaS) and other Azure services like Office 365 (SaaS).

History of Keegami

For a while, I moonlighted by running my own computer support and repair business for individuals and small companies. This is when Keegami was first born. It has been years since I’ve conducted my own business, but I’ve maintained the name over the years. And on May 15th 2017, I celebrated the 10th anniversary of keegami.com.

When I registered keegami.com in 2007, there was only half a page of results when you Googled “Keegami”, and I owned them all. About 5 years later, the results ballooned to over 600. Now, there are close to 1000 results and even includes people who are using it for their character’s name in World of Warcraft! So around early 2015, out of some slight-anger and spite for others now using a word/name that I considered myself the father of, I purchased the .net, .org, and .us TLDs for Keegami. Unfortunately, there are now far too many TLDs for me to ever dream of owning them all, but I made sure I owned the most common ones!

I encourage anyone to reach out to me via the contact form and to make comments on my posts. If you ever have any suggestions for articles to write or to share, I would be happy to hear them. For now, my plan is to simply blog how-to’s and other informational articles, but over time that may change. If I’m successful and this blog grows like I hope, then I’ll gladly add more and expand.

-Clayton, Founder and Owner of Keegami and keegami.com