Hello, and welcome to Keegami!

Here you can find articles I’ve written (or shared from others) that have helped me to solve all manner of problems I’ve come across in my IT experience. I won’t lie to you; this blog is mostly for myself. It’s a knowledge base of sorts for me to look back on. It never fails that I’ll find a link (or two, or three) that I use to find the answer to a problem, bookmark it, come back to it later when I or someone else needs it, and its gone or the site it was published on has archived it. My goal is to prevent that from happening again, and if I can make it available to others at the same time, then the more the merrier!

Use the menu and have a look around under Blog. If you’re curious about me, then check out my About page. If you’d like to speak with me, check out the Contact page to see the many different ways to reach me. I’m glad you found my blog and I hope you’ll find something useful and worth your time.

-Clayton, Founder and Owner of Keegami and keegami.com